5 ways to make your new client fall head over heels for you


Why are relationships in PR important?

The first couple meetings in any relationship are crucial to building and maintaining a lasting relationship. First impressions are everything and a bad first impression is not easy to erase. Sustaining a concrete agency-client relationship can be a difficult process, but it is crucial to obtaining a happy, long-term client.


Here are five easy ways to impress your client and show them that you really do care about their success.

1. Plan for the future.Show your client that you are in it for the long haul. Create long-term goals to demonstrate that you are committed to the relationship and being a partner to your client.

2. Be Accessible, even when it’s inconvenient. The PR world is extremely fast-paced. It is important to be available to your client when they have questions. Make sure your client knows the simplest and fastest way to get a hold of you.

3. Always do more then the bare minimum. Always over deliver. When your client asks you to complete a task always dig a little deeper and go above and beyond what the expectations are.

4. Never over promise.  Aim high, but don’t over promise. Manage expectations by knowing what is attainable and what is beyond reach. For example, never quote your client a price point that isn’t attainable. Accounts can easily be terminated over invoicing problems.

5. Get to know your client. Spend quality time with your client. Face-to-face contact is important in connecting with people on a personal level. Humans work harder for people that show an interest in them.

Managing relationships is crucial for being successful in the PR industry. Strong, lasting relationships need frequent nourishing. If you put the time and energy into your new client relationship it will not go unnoticed. So, next time your PR agency has a new client remember these 5 simple tips to make your new client fall in love with you and ensure a prosperous partnership.

Check out some quick tips on building relationships with journalists by visiting ‘PR Squared Tips’.



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