Eat, Sleep, TWEET! Repeat.

Why ‘Tweet’?

As a PR practitioner you should understand the benefits that social media can have on an organizations public image. Social media is a way to increase your reach as an organization and get the public talking about you.


Understanding why Twitter is important and what the point of this remarkable social media is should be the first step to discovering what the point of Twitter is. Once you understand why Twitter is a crucial PR tool for your company then it is much easier to sell this tool to your company that you represent. Click this image to answer the question: What’s the point of Twitter?

Twitter should be a significant part of your social media strategy. It allows you to get the word out about your company and helps   you to stay in touch with your public. These publics are crucial because the people who become your “followers” on Twitter become a part of your target audience. If you use the tool of Twitter properly to attract and engage these individuals  these “followers” can ultimately become your new clientele. These new clientele will generate word of mouth marketing that in turn will grow your company’s sales. So ask yourself, is your company on Twitter and actively tweeting? If the company you work for isn’t tweeting then it is your job as a PR professional to show them why they should be ‘tweeting‘!


If terminology like “follow me” doesn’t sound familiar in regards to Twitter then you might want to freshen up on your Twitter terminology. If you are going to be a versatile and successful PR professional then you need to open the door to Twitter. Click this link to learn more about why you should Tweet and get the low down on Twitter for Beginners.

8 Business Benefits of Twitter

Social media marketing like Twitter will bring a return on investment for your organization. Click on this image to find out how benefits like the ones mentioned in this blog will lead to profits and a strong brand image for your company.

Social media marketing like Twitter will bring a return on investment for your organization. Click on this image to find out how benefits like the ones mentioned in this blog will lead to profits and a strong brand image for your company.

As a PR guru it is your job to demonstrate the importance of Twitter to your company. Simply telling your organization that they need to use this form of social media is not enough. You need to show them how they can gain from Twitter from a company stand point . You need to show them what tweeting for business is all about. Just like in everyday life as humans we want to know what the benefits are for us before we make any critical decisions. Here are a couple of ways to sell the social network and show your organization how the business could benefit.

1. Monitor Real-Time Conversations

Use the Twitter search tool to monitor what the public is saying about your brand in real-time. This will help your business to evaluate how your business is perceived by the public.

2. Run New Deals and Promotions

Promoting your product or service on Twitter can help drive traffic and sales for your business.

3. Find New Business Contacts

You can search for new business contacts and customers through directories like Twellow.

4. Enhance Relationships With Your Public

You can acquire a lot of knowledge about your customers and potential customers by following them. It will help you to market to specific target publics.

5. Boost Visibility on Search Engines

Search results use to only bring up websites. Now, search engines can bring up Twitter pages.

6. Stay Current on News and Trends

This tool can be used as a secret weapon. It allows your business to stay on top of trends and news. In turn this can give your company a competitive edge.

7. Host Tweet-ups

This is a great way for company’s to encourage Twitter publics to come out to a venue. Tweet-ups are a great way to introduce the public to your business location.

8. Build Your Company Brand

Twitter gives your company global reach.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Now that you know how to show your organization why Twitter is an important tool it is now time to teach them the basics of how to use twitter for business. As the PR practitioner you will likely be in charge of running the social media for the business, however it is still important to make sure that they are aware of how it is used so that they can understand this remarkable tool. Start with the basics and walk your company through the 101 of Twitter. The video below takes you through a basic step-by-step look at using Twitter for business.As the PR person running the show you to will want to freshen up on your PR Twitter 101: to engage media and engage the public.

Now you have the tools to get started. HAPPY TWEETING!


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