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Why is ‘correct’ communication important in PR?

In the world of public relations communication is everything. Our entire job as a practitioner revolves around written and verbal communication. The communication that we are responsible for executing and tailoring is the voice of the people or organization that we are representing. Everything that we say and do makes a statement to our publics. Our public is then left to take the message that we convey to them and judge it for themselves. Continue reading

Practice Safe Social Media


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As a PR practitioner if you haven’t already embraced social media as your friend, now is the time. Social media is now an important part of the complete PR picture. Our society lives in a technology savvy world. In the past couple years a growing number of social media sites have popped up. This shows us   that  our potential audiences  like sharing and connecting through these tools. But why is this an important piece of the puzzle for us to become experts on using? Continue reading

Stop Spin Doctoring.


What is a spin doctor ?

Being referred to as a spin doctor is not a term you want to have attached to your name if you work in PR. A spin doctor is an unfortunate slang term that has been associated with PR professionals from practitioners using poor practice in their profession. They have received this nasty nickname through putting a “positive” spin on bad news.  These individuals often use lies to build their credibility and reputation with their public. Continue reading

5 ways to make your new client fall head over heels for you


Why are relationships in PR important?

The first couple meetings in any relationship are crucial to building and maintaining a lasting relationship. First impressions are everything and a bad first impression is not easy to erase. Sustaining a concrete agency-client relationship can be a difficult process, but it is crucial to obtaining a happy, long-term client.

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